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About us


Dr. Mishaeloff, running a private dental clinic since 2004, began focusing on aesthetic restoration techniques using veneer coatings.
Through this process, he gained exceptional experience and developed special methods for achieving maximum results.
These innovations quickly established him as notable expert in the field.

Despite the significant advantages of veneer coatings, achieving aesthetic results and long-term durability with the existing methods can require long-term care, specialized motor skills, and unfortunately, are very costly.
Dr. Mishaeloff, an entrepreneur at heart, made it his mission to develop the innovative technology that would help him, and every dentist, overcome these obstacles in the aesthetic restoration procedure.
His goal: create a fast, simple, and accessible solution without sacrificing veneer appearance and strength.


Introducing IVENEER – Pioneering Injectable Veneer Matrix.
After an extensive three-year journey, Dr. Mishaeloff collaborated with Damir Ben Menashe to present IVENEER, an innovative dental solution
that will revolutionize your restoration procedures.


Dr. Itay Mishaeloff

Co-founder & CEO

In 2003, Dr. Itay Mishaeloff graduated from Semmelweis University in Budapest. Since the start of his career, he has always been passionate about simplifying complicated tasks in the dental field. Having established his own private clinic, Dr. Mishaeloff had the opportunity to develop groundbreaking techniques. This enabled him to provide better, faster cosmetic dentistry, while increasing both patient satisfaction and the clinic’s revenue. An innovator to his core, Dr. Mishaeloff’s mission is to shape the future of dentistry by providing dentists with better, faster, and more reliable solutions.

Damir Ben Menashe

Co-founder & President

With 30 years of experience in strategy and management, Damir is a well-known entrepreneur with a proven track record of successful international projects and companies. Damir brings his leadership, notable expertise, and vast experience in strategic partnerships to lead the process of bringing IVENEER innovations to life.

Gilad Oppenheimer

Chief Operation Officer

Gilad Oppenheimer graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from Ben-Gurion University of Israel. As an innovative and technology-driven engineer, Gilad is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience leading projects. From development to production, he takes pride in his ability to manage the intricacies at every level. As part of his role, Gilad has meticulously studied the entire life of the product, focusing closely on quality and level of service, leading to the creation of a reliable and safe product.

Oron Markus

Chief Product Officer

A highly-skilled industrial designer, Oron Markus graduated from The Eindhoven Academy, NL. He specializes in product concept, design, and development, with specialties in ergonomic designs and manufacturing processes. Throughout his career, Oron has managed some of the most complicated projects in the market. His extensive experience ensures IVENEER will overcome every challenge and obstacle, transforming brilliant ideas to simple innovative products.