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Revolutionize Your Practice with Iveneer

Iveneer is a direct injecting composite template designed to create beautiful veneers for every patient, every time.
The unique full anatomical template
design allows clinicians to create high-quality anterior restorations
in approximately 20 – 30 minutes
a much faster alternative to sculpting each restoration by hand.
The finished product
requires minimal adjusting or polishing, cutting down on patient chair time and your practice’s overhead costs.
In addition to full restorations, Iveneer can be used for cosmetic mock-up, shade selections, and temporary veneers during porcelain veneer creation.
The easy-to-use, time efficient Iveneer template system will revolutionize your practice.

IVENEER Advantages

No lab required

Iveneer is the only system on the market that uses injectable composites, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming lab work. 

Minimal preparation needed

Requiring little prep work to preserve tooth structure, Iveneer cuts down on patient chair time, reducing overhead costs giving you the opportunity to serve more patients. 

Superior mechanical properties

Using high pressure to inject into the template, Iveneer technology produces void-free and durable restorations in just one visit. 

Suitable for most anterior esthetic restorations

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

IVENEER is the only injectable composite matrix system in the world. As a true template, it helps dentists create beautiful, long-lasting direct composite veneers with predictable shape and symmetry every time for every patient.

While there are many types of composite matrices on the market, they only provide a partial solution, requiring the dentist to shape each individual veneer by hand – a time-consuming process.

With IVENEER, clinicians can create a true, natural-looking template used to inject a flowable composite material to produce durable and easy-to-replicate results in minutes. Cut down on patient chair time, while improving results and increasing your practice’s revenue.


Any curing light can be used with IVENEER templates.

IVENEER matrices Are compatible with any desired flowable composite material

Yes! Because the templates serve as an oxygen barrier to prevent air from infiltrating each layer, the shine is long-lasting and durable, just like a natural tooth.

Because the final veneer shape relies solely on the template and not on the dentist’s skill level, IVEENER is incredibly easy to use. While it is crucial to select the right template size and fit to avoid deformation during the treatment process, this step is easy to learn.

Once the template is filled with flowable composite material and cured, the result is always the same no matter the practitioner. For larger cases, our team is happy to provide tips and tricks unique to IVENEER to help your practice get up to speed on the technology.

Unlike prefabricated veneer systems you can use your own composite material and do not have to be restricted by thickness, size, cost and shade.

Direct composite veneers have always been a challenging technique for dentists. While Composite Materials continued to develop and improve the method and of direct composite veneer application remained unchanged. During the years new templates and matrix systems have developed But none of them could bring a complete solution to the fact that the end results were entirely dependent on dentist skills. Dr. Itay Mishaeloff Has managed to take all the products known in the market and combine them into one complete system to achieve predictable results each time and without being time consuming. In order to do so the sectional matrices were replaced by full anatomic one and Flowable composite material was used. The IVENEER matrix system was born.

  • No or minimal tooth preparation
  • The only system that uses an Injectable composite without having to rely on lab work
  • A true natural looking teeth with different shapes and sizes
  • Results do not rely upon dentist skills
  • Solves the needs for shape, isolation, gum contour and a proximal area in one single injection
  • Very fast. minutes vs conventional layering techniques that takes even hours
  • Reduces chair time
  • Highly profitable – increases acceptance rate , the capacity to do more dentistry, the number of new patients
  • Can be used for many different procedures because it’s a true template
  • Stress reduction for dentist and staff

After etching and bonding, the translucent matrix is applied over the tooth. Utilizing high pressure, a flowable, composite material is injected through the nozzle of the matrix, filling it complete. Once the material has cured, the templates are removed revealing the perfectly contoured and shining surface.

Yes! Dentists who use IVENEER templates report that they are performing many more composite veneer procedures than before because they find the process so quick and easy and affordable for their patient’s which has led to higher case acceptance.

No! they are for a single use and can not be autoclaved.