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Welcome to the Iveneer Learning Center

Stop struggling with layering techniques !

We have a new injectable template technology!

It will take you to the next level to become an expert with dental  composites.

To be able deliver high results with composites the dentist need to  have high skills, Iveneer technology  enable each dentist to get the same high end results consistently ! 

You cannot go wrong with Iveneer

We have new technologies that will take you to the next level of being an expert with composite veneers

Through our technologies you will become an expert

We have developed a unique template that by injecting it the composites it will mimics the anatomic tooth shape, for more info, hands on and tips & tricks register Iveneer free course now !

What you will learn in IVENEER course

Expert in a day !

You will be able to provide to your patience a high end composite veneer Through our technologies you will become an expert

You won't beleve how Ivenner can help you to Increase your revenue

We will teach you how to do more high end composites procedures with minimum time..

Make it Simple - TIPS & TRICKS

We believe that high end results should be achieve while things kept simple The results that are not depended on you skills.

One place for most of your patients' problems

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